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Athletics Masters: Why We Love Sports And Competition

sports-challengeThere are many reasons why we, as humans, love sport and competition. People love sports entertainment with a passion whether taking part themselves or watching others play.

People today are always improving and changing, and the basic instinct is the survival of the fittest and sports allow them to try their luck and endurance with sports. People try and better themselves and enjoy competing with by themselves as much as others. Individual’s nature is such that it needs to triumph over others whether by exhausting work, luck or wit.

Every person wants a chance to meet or exceed expectations in life.

Athletics are one way of attaining something in one area of their lives either by backing a winning team or excelling themselves. It’s a short-term satisfaction, yet the loss is not as worse as they know that the competition goes on, and it would be a matter of time and very hard work before they do one day win.

Humans are social by nature.

Sports are another way for them to get hooked up with others like themselves. Helping a team would improve team spirit and brings them closer together. The number of forums on the internet presents the need for people to discuss each tiny detail of a game or a sports idol.

Simply, to have fun.

Most people turn to numerous forms of entertainment to find a good time in their lives or to avoid their everyday realities. They can avoid the daily stress and for a while focus on something they truly enjoy bringing them happiness and fun in those few hours of a match, and that all helps explain why humans love sports, whether they are playing or watching.

The challenge of a sport is what lures most of us

People enjoy making the effort until they win and games including computer games are designed to challenge people in the mind as well as physically. Most people want to win until they have been successful in defeating everything in their way.

Sports teaches us to take advantage of life while we can, instead of procrastinating on our dreams.

Sports can show us how to live better. Most people who play sports don’t have a procrastination problem because sports fills them with vigor and lust for life. Procrastination can cause all sorts of life problems, as outlined in this video:

How To Stop Procrastinating – 7 Important Tips To Overcome Procrastination

Considering the beginning of the world till today sports has dominated in terms of activities and it will continue to do so. Young and old people will continue to throng to arenas to watch a live match or sit at set times to cheer on their teams from the comfort level of their dwellings.

The Puerto Rico Masters are long gone, but this site is intended to preserve the spirit of sport and provide education about the importance of sport in Puerto Rico and the rest of the USA.

Sporting Examples To Live By: 4 Inspiring Basketball Personalities

We make athletes public figures because of their capacity to achieve what most people can’t. Although 90 percent of the fame comes from exemplary on-court performance, we also allow our children to look up to them for inspiration. This means that they need to score high in other areas so that they can make good role models.

A player who takes time to visit children in poverty stricken areas is viewed by many as noble. When it comes to the best basketball competitors of all time, we need to consider on-court as well as-off court reputation. Here are 4 players who managed to entertain people with their skills as well as surprise them with noble initiatives and personalities.

1. Magic Johnson

Playing guard for L.A. Lakers in the 80s Johnson managed to bring popularity to a rather commonplace league with his major feats. He tactically used his size, 6′ 9″, to score amazing 3 pointers. Furthermore, he was a team player. The number of assists accredited to this player are by far one of the greatest.

Off-court reputation is connected to something that anyone might consider a misfortune. The player has managed to live strongly with HIV AIDS. Unlike most stars who would rather keep their positive statuses a secret, Johnson has managed to publicly announce his status. This has been an inspiration to people living with the disease.

2. Le Bron James

This is one personality who has braved criticism and still demonstrate to people that resilience pays off. On-court he is considered one of the best players ever to grace the game, with incredible strength, agility and an impressive vertical jump. At only the age of 22, Le Bron and his team mates were able to steer the rather underdog Cavaliers to the NBA finals. He has at times faced criticism for under performing, but he has a way of proving critics wrong.

His personality and story is an inspiration to many young Americans. He came from an extremely humble background, overcame challenges and became a star.

3. Michael Jordan

If you ask anyone, you are likely to hear that the best basketball competitor of all time is Jordan. His dunking techniques and scalpel blade precision when aiming for 3 pointers earned him the name “Air Mike.” However, few people actually know that Jordan started off as a baseball player.

One unique personality with Jordan is he was in love with winning and went to greater lengths to win. He was not only after a few trophies. This is one person who wanted it all. His resilience and basketball training regimen paid off because in every game, he always came out as the star. If you want to start to train like Jordan, take a look at the basketball training guides at Piranha Sports.

4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

This is one guy who could play basketball as well act movies. He has the highest points ever recorded in NBA history, over 38,000 points, during his career as a basketball player. His off-court fame is from the fact that he was able to venture successfully into acting.

The list of amazing basketball personalities does not end here. There are a dozen of other players who have contributed a lot to the game and to the society. However, the above list should trigger the thought of what qualities should the best basketball competitors of all time possess?

Top 10 Tips for Team Sport Training

No matter your sport, training is considered the most important factor when it comes to winning success over your opponents. Whether you are a veteran coach with decades of experience, a rookie assistant planning offensive or defensive strategies, or even a player that is tasked with leading your team to victory, these 10 training trips will give your team the edge they need to reach success.

Tip 1 – Get the Team on the Same Page Mentally

This might seem obvious, but there could be no greater first step on the path to success. Call it building morale, rallying the troops, or casting vision, getting your team to collectively “buy-in” to both the goal of the season and what it takes to get there is the most important thing you can do.

Use the nine mental skills of complete athletes found here to provide a general framework to your players.

Tip 2 – Condition Properly for the Sport

Every sport is different, which means that each sport has different physical demands from its athletes. From golf to soccer, you must clearly know what your players will need to physically exert each time they take their positions.

Before the next season begins, you must take the time to condition your team before any other form of practice takes place. You can’t work on fundamentals of advanced strategies until your players can physically handle the task at hand.

For example, here is a team dry land training routine specific to hockey:

While if you are training to dunk a basketball you can use a training routine like the one here, or use a training routine contained in a sport-specific training video:


Tip 3 – Practice Fundamentals

Practicing fundamentals is the building blocks on which all advanced abilities are founded. Basketball players shoot hundreds of free throws every day. Football kickers spend hours each day refining their art. Before any strategy can take shape, fundamentals must be rehearsed.

Tip 4 – Work Through a Common Routine

Routines are for more than just habit forming or developing a work ethic. In sports, working through common routines help athletes develop muscle memory and automatic reactions in game situations without having to think.

Tip 5 – Shake-Up the Routine Strategically

While routines are important, randomly breaking the routine is just as vital. In weight lifting, this is referred to as “shocking the muscles”.

The justification for breaking the routine comes because the body and mind can become complacent in the routine. Shocking the system by breaking up the routine gives the team a boost for developmental progress.

Tip 6 – Set Individual

Casting vision for your team is important, but it will mean nothing without setting individual goals to which your players can aspire. These can be anything – making a certain number of shots, increasing batting average, running a sprint in a faster time.

The important thing here is to have new goals after which your players can chase.

Tip 7 – Evaluate Player Performance Consistently

If you are going to set goals for your players individually and your team as a whole, you must also evaluate performance and results. Evaluate your players individually on a daily basis throughout practices, and evaluate your team after each and every game or match.

When you evaluate, make sure you are prepared with points of interest in mind. If you are watching game film with your team, you should pre-watch the film and come in with points for your team to study.

Tip 8 – Provide Immediate Feedback

The mark of any good coach or team leader is the ability to give immediate feedback. This comes during the competition and during practice. As the leader, you must be able to make adjustments to your team as needed, and you need to clearly communicate that feedback.

Tip 9 – Develop Strategies that Play to Your Strengths

When it comes to play and strategy development, you must know your team’s and player’s strengths. Your plays should reflect where you are strong and should expose your opponent’s weaknesses. This will enable you to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

Tip 10 – Know Your Enemy

Studying and evaluating your team is not enough. You must know the intricacies of your opponent as well. The opposing team will also have strengths and weaknesses on which you can capitalize, and you will give your team the best fighting chance at victory by knowing these details.

While these tips cannot guarantee success in every competition for your team, following these 10 guidelines will help you enter each competition as prepared as possible. As the great Vince Lombardi said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Training To Run: Top 5 Tips

Cardio-vascular exercise through running is taking the world by storm. As running is becoming one of the most popular forms of physical exercise, it is good to know how to train in this fun, fast-paced sport, while avoiding injury. Here are the top 5 tips for getting into the running game.

Get the Right Gear

Runners don’t just wear these clothes because they are fashionable. Making sure you have the right shoes, shorts, and clothes that maintain body temperature are essential in the training process. A good pair of running shoes will cost you around $80 to $100, but the right shoe can help you reach greater distances and even protect your body from injury.

Follow a Running Plan

Whether you are a beginner or have just taken a break from running, following a plan is the best way to stay focused and meet your goals. Just lacing up and running whenever will not get you anywhere. Instead follow a plan designed to increase your endurance and elevate your heart rate in safe, controlled ways.

Find a Running Partner

One of the most reasons that people give up on exercise is because they lack the discipline to stay with it. Running with a partner will help fix this problem. With a partner, you can push each other to keep going, or get going, eliminating the easy-out of “just not going out today”.

Stretch Before and After Your Run

Stretching is vital to a successful run. With a dynamic stretching period of walking and lunges before your run, your muscles will be more protected from strain and tears during the run. Long-duration stretches after your run will keep your muscles flexible for cooling down and help to avoid cramps during your muscles recovery process.


Getting the right amount of rest is every bit as important as the exercise your body gets during the run. In order for your body to build properly, you have to give it time to relax and go through the rebuilding process. Neglecting the period of rest will make your body feel tired and strained during the next run, and could even lead to injury.

Motivation To Excel At Sports

What would you do to excel at your chosen sport?

What rewards do you expect to gain? Are you doing it for extrinsic rewards or for the love of sport itself?

These are questions worth examining, if you haven’t thought about them before. Knowing the answer will help you decide whether it’s worth a decade of training and pushing yourself to the limit, or if you’d be better off focusing your time on something else.

Sports is about pushing your own limits, and learning about yourself. Those who excel at sport realize that sport is a battle against oneself, rather than a battle against others.

Learn from the best:

Top 5 Quotes from Great Athletes

As an athlete, you understand that you have to push forward to accomplish your objectives and better yourself. If you lose the sight you are going in, you’ll never succeed and you will come up as a failure.

Over the years many great athletes have given advice that have helped the next generation press forward and keep improving. While some may have seemed so simple, others are designed to help them grow and become stronger as a whole.

They have given athletes that push that they need to win that race or score those extra points. While everyone wants to succeed it’s vital to understand that there are value and pride in losing as well. It is from these times you learn about who you are in your sport.

All of the following quotes come from different individuals in the realm of sports. Some of these are well known while others are more obscure gems. Their overall message is similar and important to the goal of motivation.

We’ll explore the following top 5 quotes from great athletes and why they are motivational.

“We should prepare from the back to front. Using our qualities to assault and invalidate any weakness. It’s not about denying a weakness may exist but rather about denying its entitlement to endure.” – Vince McConnell

This quote is motivational because it tells us that we need to focus on using our strengths to blast past our overall weakness. If we give in to our weaknesses then we lose who we are and the potential that is inside of us.

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.” – Doug Larson

What this quote is saying is that what we believe is impossible will stay that way. In our minds, we create the impossibilities that arise and unless we can overlook the impossible we will never succeed.

“To give any less than your best is to sacrifice a gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

Here we are being told that when you don’t allow yourself to give all of yourself to your dream you sacrifice it instead. This means that you waste a chance at allowing yourself to be great, and by taking it for granted, you lose part of the greatness behind it.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” – Magic Johnson

The motivation behind this quote is that in every one of us is the power to achieve our goals and dreams no matter any limitations we have. It all comes down to the individual’s determination, they could be the shortest man on the basketball court or the smallest man in the boxing ring but if they have the strength of will and determination to win they will.

” The harder you work, the luckier you get.” – Gary Player

This quote means success in sport or life, in general, is about hard work and perseverance. You will be successful more frequently in proportion to the effort you put in. It’s not about luck it’s about hard work, determination, and the will to push on. Ultimately the athletes who are “the luckiest” if you take a closer look are the hardest working.

As you can see from these different quotes the underlying message of each is to believe in yourself. In every way, you are going to be the most important person in your success and not giving your all will end in failure for you every time.