Games Approach To Teaching Basketball

Are you a coach? Though these coaching skills are focused on basketball, they are universally applicable to all sport coaching.

It all centers on identifying and breaking down individual skills into teachable sets. As Kirby mentions in the video, he starts from the top and proceeds with skill training from the most basic level. Can the player do the move with his eyes off the ball? Can he do it will his opposite hand? Can he do it with his eyes off the ball, and with the opposite hand? And so on, with increasing levels of difficulty.

There is an important concept where the coach should focus on building skills one by one, rather than putting drills together and hoping his players get better. The coach should focus on each individual player, and build skills on top of each other, otherwise there may be a sticking point where the player will no longer improve. Unless these sticking points are identified, the player may never himself identify it, and will never progress in the sport.