How To Coach Middle to Long Distance Running

In order to successfully coach a middle or long distance runner, you’ll need to establish your game plan beforehand. These athletes are in need of stamina, skill, courage and discipline, and you need to establish a firm philosophy from the get go.

You’ll also need to prepare the specific drills and running programs for your athlete, so they know what to expect from the start and can be mentally prepared. The mental side of long distance running is more important than physical talent.

The runner with the right mindset will eventually be able to beat a more physically gifted runner who does not have the right mindset, typically. Of course, a runner who is gifted physically and also has the right coach is in the best position to be a world-class athlete, but it will be up to the coach that the athlete meets all disciplinary requirements and makes the right decisions during the training program to maximize their athletic potential. Learn more specifics at the video above.