Training To Run: Top 5 Tips

Cardio-vascular exercise through running is taking the world by storm. As running is becoming one of the most popular forms of physical exercise, it is good to know how to train in this fun, fast-paced sport, while avoiding injury. Here are the top 5 tips for getting into the running game.

Get the Right Gear

Runners don’t just wear these clothes because they are fashionable. Making sure you have the right shoes, shorts, and clothes that maintain body temperature are essential in the training process. A good pair of running shoes will cost you around $80 to $100, but the right shoe can help you reach greater distances and even protect your body from injury.

Follow a Running Plan

Whether you are a beginner or have just taken a break from running, following a plan is the best way to stay focused and meet your goals. Just lacing up and running whenever will not get you anywhere. Instead follow a plan designed to increase your endurance and elevate your heart rate in safe, controlled ways.

Find a Running Partner

One of the most reasons that people give up on exercise is because they lack the discipline to stay with it. Running with a partner will help fix this problem. With a partner, you can push each other to keep going, or get going, eliminating the easy-out of “just not going out today”.

Stretch Before and After Your Run

Stretching is vital to a successful run. With a dynamic stretching period of walking and lunges before your run, your muscles will be more protected from strain and tears during the run. Long-duration stretches after your run will keep your muscles flexible for cooling down and help to avoid cramps during your muscles recovery process.


Getting the right amount of rest is every bit as important as the exercise your body gets during the run. In order for your body to build properly, you have to give it time to relax and go through the rebuilding process. Neglecting the period of rest will make your body feel tired and strained during the next run, and could even lead to injury.